In this virtual event about Biodiversity in the Built Environment led by Claire Wansbury of Atkins Ltd. a member of SNC Lavalin with a superb panel of experts on Tuesday, 31st January at 1pm GMT for about 2 hours.

The session will investigate the scientific facts that underlie our current situation. The panellists will discuss how to best improve on Biodiversity in the Built Environment, each from their own specific angle and expertise.

There will be time to ask the panellists questions. We encourage you to email questions before the event, if possible.



Below you can learn about our panel of experts who will be sitting at the Virtual Roundtable. We want you to be part of this community. To ask questions on the day and give feedback in our community afterwards. This will be the first in a series of broadcasts about this topic so we will be continuing the conversation. We want your input! "The conversation is building."


Claire Wansbury, Atkins Ltd. a member of SNC Lavalin

Roberta Bocolo, World Meteorological Organisation

Jayne Manley, Earth Trust

John Vesey, West Midlands 5G

Chris Gerrard, Anglian Water Services

Margarita Skarkou, Climate Tech VC

Discover more about all of our panellists here.

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This is the first podcast episode for Biodiversity in the Built Environment Month in the lead up to the Round Table virtual event. Biodiversity in the Built Environment with World Meteorological Organisation Climate & Sustainability Influencer, Roberta Boscolo.

Roberta's work focuses on how to harness the power of climate data and climate information that the WMO generates, through partners and member states, to support decision making in key sectors. The energy sector is her speciality.

Listen here and get a flavour for some of what you can look forward to at the Round Table.




Margarita has spent the last ten years working across the construction, international development and finance sectors.

Working with founders to scale solutions and companies that can have a measurable impact and create more resilient, sustainable, healthy and equitable cities is the single most exciting mission of our time. "I am optimistic about technology and humanity’s ability to alter the current climate change and ecosystem degradation trajectory.”

Her podcast episode will be available from Tuesday 24th January.